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As experienced international travellers, we know what a gift it is to embark on a trip that feels easy, seamless, and full of opportunities to experience new places and cultures. This is exactly why we love helping others travel the world.  Whether it’s doing the research to find the best options for your style, preferences, and budget, or organising a bespoke itinerary and sharing tips and tricks for making your money go as far as possible, we love helping our clients by taking the stress out of the planning process.   

We thrive on finding travel solutions that work for you, not against you so having a reliable travel partner can make all the difference. Through our industry connections we are able to open doors to the world's top hotels, finest resorts, breathtaking landscapes, enchanting retreats, secluded islands, and hidden gems and can curate enriching travel itineraries that sparks your curiosity and ignites your adventurous spirit.  

We're here to offer guidance, support, planning and an enjoyable journey and we'd be honoured to support you in planning your next trip.  


Scroll to check out our planning services, then simply get in touch to get started!

Planning Packages

Bespoke travel packages tailored to your preferences. Enjoy seamless planning, exclusive deals, and unforgettable experiences.

- Single Destination Planning

- Multi Destination Planning

Corporate Retreat Planning

Collaborate and transform with our retreat planning services for both personal wellness and corporate off sites.

Event Travel Logistics

Simplify event travel logistics for your staff and guests. We handle everything from transportation to accommodation, ensuring a seamless event experience

- Staff travel logistics

- Guest travel logistics 

A la Carte Planning

Choose only the services you need for a personalised adventure. 

- Accommodation Only 

- Itinerary Planning

- Restaurant & Activity Recommendations

Join Existing Retreats

For those seeking a ready-to-go option, we have collaborated with an array of thoughtfully crafted pre-designed retreat providers and resorts that cater to different needs and interests. 

Guest Experience Management

Optimise every interaction with our guest experience consultancy. Tailored solutions to enhance satisfaction and ensure unforgettable experiences for your guests.

- Weddings & Private events

- Hotel experience consultant










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